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How Much Do Music Managers Make in New York City?

How Much Do Music Managers Make a day -

How Much Do Music Managers Make in New York City?

Job Description

What does a music manager do? Music managers are responsible for overseeing the career development of the musical artists that they typify. This can require a huge number of responsibilities. Primarily, music managers must interact with other people on a musician’s behalf. This can include communicating with booking agents, music venues, record companies and the media.

If a music manager’s client has not signed to a record label contract, the music manager must book performances and schedule meetings with book labels. The manager may also be expected to coordinate promotional campaigns for the artist. In short, the music manager is responsible for ascertaining that their client receives maximum positive exposure. The goal of a music manager is to serve their client get a recording contract, book more performances and sell more recordings.

Above all, a music manager must have excellent social skills. A typical day for a music manager can take phone calls, meetings and interviews. Managers must be able to consistently have a beneficial attitude to develop relationships in the music business. It’s also important for managers to have a thorough understanding of contracts and legal language to be able to work with record label companies and their attorneys.


Communicate with musicians to determine goals and aims

Contact promoters, venues and record labels to schedule meetings and performances

Schedule and attend meetings, interviews and appearances to promote the artist

Pass along with merchandising companies to create artist merchandise

Analyze contracts and discuss legal matters with clients



How much does a music manager make?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average music manager salary in 2012 was $63,370. The bottom 10% earned $27,500 or less, while the top 25% earned $110,550 or more.

Many components can affect the salary that a music manager earns. For example, music managers who work for high-profile, in-demand artists usually earn more than directors who represent smaller, independent musicians. This is because most music directors are paid a percentage of the money that is earned by the musician.

Music managers who represent musicians that tour nationally or internationally earn more than managers who exercise with local music groups. Most highly-paid music managers live and work in large cities that sustain a high concentration of live music venues. Music management careers can be real busy and many managers work full-time, including nights and weekends. Most managers will travel on the road with the musicians they represent, leading to busy work periods that can last for months.

How Much Do Music Managers Make a day -

How to become

The path to becoming a music manager can involve many forms. The most important asset a music manager can possess is experience. A thorough knowledge of the music industry is vital for success as a music manager. In most cases, the only way to acquire this kind of valuable experience is to work directly with musicians.

Many music managers begin their careers by helping musicians in their local country. It’s common for new directors to gain experience by helping out with their friends’ bands or musical projects. At the start of a music manager career, it’s normal to exploit with a musician for a low amount of pay. Passion and drive are key ingredients to starting down this career path because financial rewards can take a long time to reach.

How Long Does it Take to Become a Music Manager?

{ There’s no answer to this question|There’s no one answer to this question| There’s no right answer to this question| There’s no easy answer to that question| There’s no easy way to answer this question| There’s no easy answer to this critical question| There’s really no easy answer to that question| There’s really no easy answer to this question| There’s no real easy answer to that question| There’s no simple answer to this question| There’s no easy solution to this question| There’s no easy reply to this question|There’s no easy resolution to this question|. If someone helps their friend’s band book shows and schedule interviews, they are technically “managing” that band. However, this is very different from possessing a professional music manager career. Most people can expect to put in 1-3 years of hard work, arranging schedules, making phone calls and touring with musicians before a music manager career can begin to gain.


Education and Training


In general, certification is not required to act as a music manager. However, there are certifications available for careers connected to music management. For example, many universities offer certification classes in music business management. Most of these courses focus on workshops, lectures and exercises directed by music industry professionals.

The forms can vary based on the university that is offering the courses. There is no national exam or certification board and the actual forms that students can take vary widely. Most of the courses cover the music business, contracts, marketing and legal terminology. While these certification courses are not demanded to become a music manager, they can provide valuable insight into becoming a better manager.


Music managers are not required to be licensed. Some related careers, like entertainment or music agents, require licensing, but music management does not require a formal permit.


Work opportunities for music managers are expected to increase over the next decade. More affordable music technology and the proliferation of social media marketing have allowed more players to embark on careers. The areas of the United States expected to offer the most chances for music managers are California, New York City and Nashville, Tennessee.

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